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Nirmalya Darshanam - 5:00 AM
Ganapathi Homam - 5:30 AM
Usha Pooja - 7:30 AM
Uchha Pooja - 10:15 AM
Closing - 10:30 AM
Deepaaradhana - 6:45 PM
Athazha Pooja - 8:15 PM
Harivarasanam - 8:30 PM
Sree Ayyappan Temple, J.C. Nagar is one of the oldest Ayyappan temple in Bangalore. The temple complex houses the main shrine of Lord Ayyappan and sub-shrines of Sree Mahaganapathy, Sree Bhagavathi, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Sree Nagaraja and Navagraham. The entire temple complex has been designed and built in the traditional Kerala Temple Architecture.
The beginning
Foundation Stone was layed on 29th December 1974, by SRI. HUCHAMASTHI GOWDA, (then) Hon’ble minister for revenue, in the presence of SRI. MUNIRAMAIYA , then Councilor, 46th Division.
Renovation of Sreekovil
The work has started as prescribed on 12th September, 2007 after conducting the Ananjakalasam lead by the Temple Thantri Bhramashri Poothillom Narayanan Namboothiri.
The existing roof was completely made with teak wood, covered with copper sheets and the 'Thazhikakudam' made of Copper, plated with Gold.
The temple sees a lot of pilgrims from everywhere coming for the darshan of Swamy Ayyappa, with the divine blessings of Darmashastha Swamy Ayyappa, the temple shall continue to do the excellent service to pilgrims, swamys and all devotees.

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